Skepticism is beneficial in creating better and safer ideas


Web Lehmann

Really thinking about a suggestion without jumping right to conclusions creates better and safer ideas.

Breandan Gibbons, RubicOnline Editor

Saying “yes” to everything that someone gets asked is a sure way to get hurt. Whether it be emotional or physical, saying “yes” will inevitably result in pain. There is a lot of good that saying “yes” does, but the harm that saying “yes” indiscriminately can do outweighs that good.

A person should not live their life just saying “no” to everything and spending their entire life in fear, but a healthy skepticism to friend’s suggestions provides safety. Starting from a place of skepticism helps someone think critically about suggestions a friend makes and gives the opportunity to work out the kinks.

A person should not live their life just saying “no” to everything and spending their entire life in fear

Additionally, doing something because someone one else says so does not have nearly the same effect as choosing to do something. Take New Year’s resolutions, many people feel socially obligated to make resolutions for the New Year, yet according to a Journal of Clinical Psychology study in 2002, only 50% of people who make resolutions are actually able to keep them. Showing that when people feel obligated to make a change based on a social construct with no consequence and no other motivation aside from just allowing themself to fall victim to that construct, there are not going to follow through.

Skepticism provides an opportunity to grow. If a person suggests something that is not the greatest idea, creating conflict with that idea allows the idea to become better. That is one of the basic tenets of Debate as an activity. The purpose is to come from two polar opposite viewpoints and from that, come to a consensus somewhere in the middle. This leads to better ideas and more fun plans.

People should not just go around saying “No” to every suggestion that someone makes. However, really thinking about a suggestion creates better and safer ideas.

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