[TWITTER COVERAGE] Democratic debate highlights candidate divisions

Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential debate served as the 9th debate in the cycle and was potentially the most heated yet. With two states having completed their primary and caucus so far, and Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg emerging as early leaders, all six candidates who qualified were eager to stand out with Nevada’s caucus on Saturday, and super Tuesday coming up in few weeks.

During the debate, topics ranged from healthcare and immigration to climate policies and taxes, and nearly all candidates took a hit at Michael Bloomberg in his first debate appearance. Other key moments included a showdown between Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar around immigration policy, Sander’s defense of his socialist policies, and Biden getting interrupted in his closing statement by protesters chanting “You deported three million people. We don’t want you here.”

Overall, the debate was heated and impassioned with both candidates and moderators bringing up controversial subjects and targeting specific candidates.