[TRIPPY THEORIES] Ep. 3: Walt Disney’s frozen body

Alison Mitchell: [Introduction] Welcome to Trippy Theories, the podcast that discusses the SPA community’s favorite conspiracies, I’m your host Alison Mitchell, and today we’ll be diving into the conspiracy surrounding Walt Disney’s death- was his body frozen for future use? Is the body hidden somewhere in Disney World? And is the hit movie Frozen an attempt to cover up the truth? Keep listening to find out more.

Mitchell: [Disclaimer] Disclaimer the theories included in this podcast are purely for entertainment purposes and are not included nor discussed as a way of spreading misinformation.

Sarah Oppenheim: The first part of the conspiracy theory is one that’s been around for a lot longer, and it’s that Walt Disney, being a very powerful man, while dying, asked to be frozen after death so that he could be brought back to life potentially.

Mitchell: That’s Sarah Oppenheim, a senior at SPA, and someone who’s been a fan of this conspiracy theory for many years.

Oppenheim: Well I was one of those kids who, on YouTube, would watch, you know the Watch Mojo?

Mitchell: Yeah, yeah.

Oppenheim: I would watch those videos like ‘top ten most dangerous roller coasters’ and stuff like that for hours and would just get stuck clicking on the next one. And conspiracy theories are a very popular topic in those videos.

Mitchell: Yeah.

Oppenheim: So I think I probably, yeah, I’m very confident that I saw in one of those videos of like ‘top ten creepiest things you know about Disney’.

Mitchell: From there, Oppenheim’s interest in the conspiracy grew.

Oppenheim: The original conspiracy theory was that this that, well first the frozen thing, like that’s obviously not confirmed.

Mitchell: She’s right, this part of the theory hasn’t been proven, but there’s a significant amount of evidence that points to the fact that Disney had shown interest in having his body cryogenically frozen, or at the very least, shown interest in this type of futuristic technology. In 1972, the former president of the Los Angeles-based Cryonics Society of California told the Los Angeles Times that Disney had called him and asked several questions about the specifics of being frozen. But, here’s where the conspiracy gets even weirder. The Disney family plot, where many of Disney’s other relatives have been buried, has no evidence of Disney being buried there. This has led many fans to speculate about where Disney’s body-frozen or not-is being kept.

Oppenheim: But then also that this frozen body was being kept in Dinsey World, because there’s those tunnels underneath that the cast [of Disney World] uses to get places and also there’s a lot of the buildings that are for show that there’s actually stuff in. So that was the original theory that he was frozen underneath Disney or in Disney somehow. And, I don’t know, I feel like I believe in that part because there are other rich people that are known to have frozen themselves when they died just in case. So I believe that part, and also it’s a science that’s somewhat proven, like cryogenics is somewhat proven.

Mitchell: It’s true. Cryogenics is a real thing, in fact, the technology existed in the same area and at the same time of Disney’s death. The first person to be cryogenically frozen died not even a month after Disney did, and was frozen in the same city where Disney was supposed to have been buried. The only issue with Disney’s plan is that, currently, technology isn’t advanced enough to bring frozen bodies back from the dead.

Oppenheim: And then there’s the more recent theory that the movie Frozen, the Disney movie, was that, the reason that they called it that and, because it was originally going to be something else because it’s based off of the, the ice princess or ice queen.

Mitchell: Yeah, yeah.

Oppenheim: Or whatever that movie, like that story. So it was originally called something else and they [Disney] named it Frozen because when you looked up ‘Disney frozen’ or anything like something like that, the first thing that would come up was the theory of his body being frozen and kept somewhere which is not a great look for Disney.

Mitchell: Right, yeah.

Oppenheim: And so now if you put ‘Frozen’, even if you just put ‘frozen’ in, that’s [the movie’s] the first thing that’s gonna come up, especially if you put ‘Disney Frozen’. So it’s like, that movie title was a way to cover up a bigger conspiracy.

Mitchell: Oppenheim’s initial belief in the theory was then solidified after she realized that other people were interested in it too.

Oppenheim: I go to Widji for backpacking and one topic that comes up when you’ve been in the wilderness for a long time and you don’t really have much else to talk about is conspiracy theories or things like that, just because it’s interesting and everyone has weird ones. And I think it was, like I didn’t even bring it up in one of my groups, but it was brought up and I was like yes, that is real. So just like generally, people around me have heard it which makes me believe it more, because I’m like if so many people know about this, it’s not just some weird YouTube theory.

Mitchell: So, why do you think this theory is so popular, if other people are invested in it too?

Oppenheim: Well one, it’s like kind of creepy. I also heard about this, in Disney World, you know the It’s A Small World ride?

Mitchell: Yes, yeah!

Oppenheim: There’s the animatronics. Those never turn off. At night, they’re playing constantly, even with no music.

Mitchell: Oh, that’s creepy.

Oppenheim: They’re always moving because they’re so old that they’re worried that they’re, if they turn them [the animatronics] off they won’t turn back on again. So there’s a lot of theories about the creepy parts of Disney, and there’s books made about people getting trapped in Disney at night, and so I think that it’s like a general thing to try to make a place that’s so kid-friendly and so happy into a sort of scary place or find ‘after dark’ things. And so I think that that’s kind of where the first theory came from, and also people like to have weird discussions about rich people and things that rich people do. Because even if I’m never going to be a multi-billionaire who’s gonna freeze myself when I die, it’s fun to make fun of it.

Mitchell: [Outro] You’ve been listening to Trippy Theories, your go-to podcast to learn more about all of the best conspiracy theories. I’m your host Alison Mitchell, and make sure to check out our other episodes about the popular Flat Earth theory, as well as how the US government might be using pigeons to spy on us. Once again, thanks for listening.

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