Top 5 podcasts of 2022

2022 was another year filled with high-quality and insightful podcast production from the Rubiconline staff. Writers covered everything from crazy conspiracy theories to the language learning process and did so by highlighting the stories of SPA’s community members. Here’s a list of the top five podcasts from 2022.

[SPA SHORTLIST] Ep. 2: TV recommendations – Will Moran
[SUPERSTITIONS] Ep. 2: Deja Vu – Zadie Martin
Feeling tired, forgetful and stressed? You might be experiencing a burnout. – Ali Browne
[THROUGH THEIR EYES] Ep. 1: Do you believe God exists? – Clara McKoy
Behind the scenes with the Upper School Council – Alexandra Cardwell

Honorable mention: The TRIPPY THEORIES series – Georgia Ross, Charlotte Goings, and Alison Mitchell