Top five sports stories of 2020

From COVID-19 shutdowns across the state to new mandates, this year has been crazy for every high school sports player, coach, and spectator. Governor Walz’s shutdown of sports soon after the conclusion of the fall sports season, winter sports were left entirely up in the air with no direction or plan for the remains of the year. Although this year continued to throw obstacles at student-athletes, their long-term persistence and continuous training proved to all be worth it after the very recent resume.

1. Walz adds new restrictions to stem COVID-19 rise by Annika Rock
2. Johnson sidelined for season with injury, remains optimistic about season by Bobby Verhey
3. Masks now mandated to ensure continuation of SPA winter sports by Will Shavee
4. Welsh dives all in for 6AA sections: her biggest fear is not diving, but water by Elle Chen
5. Living life day by day; SMB Wolfpack’s 2020 season gets cancelled again by Thomas Reinhart