The Luminary Loppet excites during Super Bowl weekend

The 2017 Luminary Loppet. Fair use image from

In the midst of the Super Bowl hustle, the annual Luminary Loppet on Lake of the Isles may have been overlooked by students. Arranged back to back with the Super Bowl, one of the largest events in Twin Cities history, the Luminary Loppet competed for a crowd against dozens of performances and activities downtown on Feb. 3. 

The Luminary Loppet was a magical winter scene in Minnesota, casting candle holders and structures from ice. The luminaries are lit at sundown and wrap around the entirety of the lake.

The Luminary Loppet was a magical winter scene in Minnesota.

If you missed it this year, it is not too early to plan for next year. The tickets, in the form of glow-stick lanyards, range from $17 to $40 depending on when you buy them. However, as the Loppet approaches, the tickets get more expensive.

The Luminary Loppet is just one of the many events organized by The Loppet Foundation. The foundation plans nordic skiing and cross-country races sponsored by local brands and funded by those who participate. This year, their Urban Cross Country Ski Festival over Super Bowl weekend weaved through the streets of Downtown Minneapolis and collided with other Super Bowl Live activities.

Just like other outdoor Minnesota events, there was plenty of music and food both on the lake and at the registration location. You can also find fire performers and ice sculptures, too. If you do end up going, you can go in boots, snowshoes, or skis.