The Huss poetry reading: a showcase for student work

Alexandra Cardwell: Welcome to the first poetry reading of the 2021-2022 school year in the Upper School. Students from across Dr. Klavon’s four poetry classes recited original poems in the Huss Center.

Dr. Klavon: We’ll have eleven readers in total. Uh, they are Solvej Graff, Rachel Swenson, Alison Mitchell, George Peltier, Ruby Fields, Tuco Dixon, Cayenne Ramirez, Hannah Brass, Leo Sampsell-Jones, Addy Eby, and Quenby Wilson.

Cardwell: This is Solvej Graff reading a poem that she presented alongside a visual poem. The visual poem featured Graff’s face in front of a neutral gray background with flashing lights reminiscent of a thunderstorm.

Graff: *reads poem*

Cardwell: Following Graff, junior Rachel Swenson recited a poem she wrote about her cats.

Swenson: *reads poem*

Cardwell: After Swenson’s playful poem, junior Alison Mitchell read a powerful poem about love, family, and loss.

Mitchell: *reads poem*

Cardwell: Junior George Peltier was up next, performing a poem about memorable childhood summers.

Peltier: *reads poem*

Cardwell: Taking her poem in a dystopian direction, junior Ruby Fields performed a poem reminiscent of sci-fi movies.

Fields: *reads poem*

Cardwell: With a witty, rhyming poem, Junior Tuco Dixon read his original work next.

Dixon: *reads poem*

Cardwell: Similarly to Peltier, junior Cayenne Ramirez recited a poem about summer memories. Ramirez used beautiful imagery that appealed to the senses.

Ramirez: *reads poem*

Cardwell: Following Ramirez, junior Hannah Brass performed a poem she wrote this semester using space as a metaphor.

Brass: *reads poem*

Cardwell: Next up was junior Leo Sampsell-Jones. [Sampsell-] Jones recited a poem that was both impactful and witty, entitled “God Found Me At the DMV”.

Sampsell-Jones: *reads poem*

Cardwell: Similar to Mitchell’s poem early on in the program, junior Addy Eby read a powerful poem about family, love, and loss.

Eby: *reads poem*

Cardwell: To close the program, junior Quenby Wilson read a poem about individuality.

Wilson: *reads poem*

*audience applauds*

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