Temporary peace broken by string of violence

This past week, the nation has experienced a wave of violence that has taken the form of mass stabbings, bombings, and race based shootings. These events have led to 2016 becoming one of the most violent years in modern American history. Between the mass shootings in Orlando, Florida and Houston, Texas, the very people and places that have been safe spaces for common people have been transformed into locations of danger. The following is a summary of this past weeks tragedies.

16th (Friday): The Tulsa, OK shooting of an unarmed black man started a week of violence.  The situation occurred during a traffic stop. The victim, Terence Crutcher followed police orders to raise his arms and face his car. A white, female officer shot and killed Crutcher. The motive is still unclear, but the dash cam footage indicates the shooting was futile and yet another unfortunate example of race based hate.

Police car making its way through large crowds in Washington, DC                                           Flickr CC photo: Joe Flood

17th (Saturday): Saturday was an extremely violent day with three major events that left more than 35 people injured. Bringing it home, a mall stabbing in Saint Cloud, Minnesota resulted in 8 injuries although none are considered life threatening. The perpetrator was killed on sight by an off duty police officer. Although a gruesome and horrific event, the stabbing was overshadowed in the news by the Chelsea, New York bombing.  One of the multiple bombs made by an ISIS follower, it detonated late Saturday night and left 29 people injured. Another bomb was discovered by a homeless man who notified the police. With another catastrophe avoided, the toll of the evenings events shook the nation.

20th (Tuesday): Another shooting of a black man, this time in Charlotte, North Carolina. Some reports claim the man, Keith Scott, had a gun on his person, however information surrounding this fatal shooting is still emerging. The shooting has led to large protests in North Carolina that demand the fixation of police relations with the public.

21st (Wednesday): A protester by the name of Justin Carr was murdered while at a protest for the police shooting Keith Carr. The event also took place in North Carolina and has only fueled the riots and protests in the state. Carr is not believed to have been killed by police, however the incident has probed much.

23rd (Friday): Ending the week of violence, a mass shooting in a mall in Burlington, Washington left 5 people dead. The shooter, a Turkish immigrant who had ties with ISIS, reportedly gunned down 4 woman and a man while they were shopping in a Macy’s late Friday night. Another terribly unfortunate event, this shooting only exacerbates the fear of places that should be safe.


The nation has been plagued with a series of horrific events, however this is no doubt not the end of violence in America. Radical changes must be made before this great nation can once again be a safe and peaceful place for all people of all races, backgrounds and walks of life.