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Dyads make time for upper and underclassmen to ask questions, share ideas

JUNIOR SAMANTHA BLUHM AND FRESHMAN LUCIE HOESCHEN laugh with each other during a dyad. This was the first of two scheduled times for dyads, the other for sophomores and seniors.  “I really enjoyed the dyads and I carry the advice that the juniors gave me on Mix It Up Day,” Hoeschen said.

Stephanie Li, Arts & Entertainment Editor

December 4, 2015

Dyads provide useful feedback for students.

Controversy surrounds Freshman Safari

Freshman Ashley Jallen reacts to freshman safari.  To hear Jallen's opinion and those of other students, please watch the RubiconTV video below.

Eva Perez-Greene, Editor in Chief

September 19, 2014

It's the first dance of the school year.  Freshman are pulled onto the dance floor -- willingly or not -- for a dance with an upperclassmen.  Often, this dancing involves grinding or groping and may or may not be consensual.  It's called Freshman Safari. Freshman Safari should not exist. It...

Homecoming Week brings new and old activities

Senior spartan Jackson Lea prepares to lead students in the

Meghan Joyce, A&E editor

September 17, 2014

Events @ SPA Homecoming Week 15th: Class Color Day, Girls JV tennis vs. Cretin 16th: Twin Day, Girls JV tennis vs. Providence, Football MS vs. Providence 17th: Camo/hunting Day, Girls MS tennis vs. Breck 18th: Throwback Thursday, Football MS vs. Breck 19th: Blue and Gold Day, Football homecoming vs...

Alpine Skiier Peter Baker works for hours to shave seconds off races

Sophomore Peter Baker  began skiing with his family but hopes to take his competitive drive all the way to the U18 National Junior Championships.  “When you’re racing, it’s just a feeling that’s really been unmatched with anything else... it’s a feeling of carelessness,” he said. Baker received fourth place out of 126 skiers at the Feb. 5 Section 4 meet, qualifying him for the State meet that will take place Feb. 12 at Giants Ridge.

Netta Kaplan, Staff Writer/ Copy Editor

February 26, 2014

For sophomore Peter Baker, a competitive alpine skier, speeding down hills comes almost as naturally as walking. “I started skiing when I was probably three or four, and then I actually started racing when I was eight/nine,” Baker said. Currently, Baker races with the St. Paul Academy and Summit...

Freezing weather doesn’t stop determined fishers

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Mari Knudson, Staff Writer

December 17, 2013

Just about anyone can go fishing when the weather is nice, but it takes guts to go fishing in below-freezing weather. Ice fishing is not a sport for everyone. Minnesotans who have been ice fishing are in the minority, and die-hard ice fishing fans are rarer still. However, those who have been do have...

Innovation, creativity fuel Designing Change class

Students in Designing Change work on their next project, redesigning tutorial. The class, new this semester, focuses on strategies for solving issues, as well as the physical creation of those solutions. “This class is different because... we’re making stuff. It’s not like theory; it’s not all just talk about what you think about it — you create it yourself,” sophomore Tommy Monserud said.  Students work with unusual materials like a 3D printer and wet-erase markers.

Netta Kaplan, Copy Editor

October 25, 2013

“Does the school have a saw?” is not a question you often hear in class. But this isn’t a regular class. Students in Designing Change are working to solve real problems at St. Paul Academy and Summit School. When the class was first proposed to rising freshman and sophomores by Upper School...