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[ARTS OPINION] Best (Male) Director maintains status quo

As a viewer, it is difficult to find a platform to change these issues. In spite of this, it is essential to recognize the disparity in awards ceremonies and possibly stop viewing them until they are more representative.

Madeline Fisher, Staff Writer

February 8, 2020

All the talk about changing the white male privilege around this award has changed nothing.

Lower tuition, increase diversity

Lower tuition, increase diversity

Adrienne Gaylord, Staff Writer

March 18, 2019

If you are reading this it’s very likely you go to Saint Paul Academy and Summit School.  If you go to Saint Paul Academy and Summit School it’s very likely you are a student, and if you’re a student at SPA your base tuition this year was $30,030. If we lowered that outrageously high number a...

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Blackface will always be an act of racism

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Blackface will always be an act of racism

RubicOnline Staff

February 9, 2019

After numerous blackface cases, we must condemn and call attention to racist behavior.

[BOOK REVIEW] Michelle Obama opens up about hardships she faces in Becoming

Becoming by Michelle Obama is a memoir of the hardships she has faced during her life before, during, and after her time as the First Lady of the United States.

Meagan Massie, Feature editor

December 17, 2018

Michelle Obama shares her hardships and love to her husband, Barack Obama, in her biography "Becoming."

Students attend Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Journalist Lisa Ling speaks to the conference of students.

Annika Rock, The Rubicon Editor

December 12, 2018

Six students attended the Student Diversity Leadership conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Despite apparent progress, Hollywood still has diversity gaps

The past year has been filled with Hollywood firsts. Marvel released Black Panther, the first superhero movie to have a black superhero at the center. Crazy Rich Asians is the first film in twenty-five years to star an all Asian cast. Groups of people were buying out the theaters to watch Love, Simon.

Isabel Saavedra-Weis, RubicOnline Editor

September 11, 2018

Movies with exciting and new representation are headlining the entertainment industry. These breakthroughs should be celebrated, but not upheld as the best Hollywood can do.

Minority representation topic of MLK assembly panel

The Jan. 11 panel of speakers for the MLK Assembly spoke about representation. Senior Olivia Williams Ridge, junior Olivia McCauley, and senior Ellie Findell moderated.

Ellie Findell, Production Manager

January 9, 2018

The annual MLK day Jan. 11 brings four speakers invited to discuss minority representation in the Twin Cities.

Grammy nominations represent diversity

Grammy nominations represent diversity

Breandan Gibbons, Rubicon TV: Executive Producer

December 11, 2017

The grammy nominations for 2018 finally represent changing taste and diversity in music.

Redefine diversity: school climate fosters inclusivity

Although SPA's reported diversity numbers are nearly opposite that of SPPS, the knowledge about those cultures is so much stronger here.

Kat St. Martin-Norburg, The Rubicon Editor

June 6, 2017

At SPA, students of all different backgrounds actually get to know each other.

Journey of the immigrant ban: where it began and where it is now

Seniors Ella Matticks and Emily Thissen attend a protest against Trump's first Executive Order prohibiting entry from seven countries into the U.S.  The order was later deemed Unconstiutional.

Noor Qureishy, Managing Editor

March 10, 2017

The controversy over who can and cannot travel to the U.S. sparks protest and debate.

Dye prepares students for a multicultural world

Diversity Dean Karen Dye works to promote the celebration of cultures. “I think diversity, inclusion, and equity is beneficial for everybody in the world we live in,

Jenny Sogin, The Rubicon Editor

December 16, 2016

Dean of Diversity Karen Dye works to prepare SPA students for a very diverse and multicultural world.