Students decorate bags at Keystone Community Center


Lucy Li

A group of St. Paul Academy and Summit School students head out to a Keystone Meals on Wheels activity on Mar. 7.

On the frigid morning of Mar. 7, a group of fourteen St. Paul Academy and Summit School students ventured to the Keystone Community Center, to adorn bags for Meals on Wheels recipients. Cold meals are packaged in uniform white paper bags, and normally delivered without any decoration. It’s not uncommon for a Meals on Wheels recipient to have little social contact outside of the person delivering their meal for that day, so the decorating the bags they received personalizes the meal, and reminds the receiver that someone was thinking about them. The decorations were extremely varied from bag to bag, as students worked the myriad of art supplies scattered around the tables where they worked. Poems, cartoons, patterns, and more coated the bags ready to be delivered, each ready and willing to brighten someone’s day.