SPA should not give homework


Orion Kim

TOO MUCH. An overuse of out-of-school time for students on homework and other assignments can cause unnecessary stress.

Orion Kim, The Rubicon

Sophomore Declan Monohan thinks homework is something that should lay in the hands of the student. They should be able to decide how much effort and time is necessary for their growth.
“I think if teachers give around thirty minutes of homework per class but have it graded on completion. People who need extra practice can do the homework, but the people that don’t can quickly complete it without having to worry about getting points off, and not be affected negatively,” Monohan said.
Students already learn a lot in class. Homework is often just a review of classwork, and if students found the tasks particularly easy, Monohan finds no need to require them to do the extra work.
“I think the teachers do their best to make students pay attention, and if students are not focusing as much as they should be, it is on them to do the homework. Some students either don’t want to pay attention or some other circumstances are preventing them from fully applying themselves in class. In this case, having resources for work outside of class would be important,” Monohan said.
Monohan agrees students should be given homework, but it should be put in their hands to decide how much or little they need to do to keep up with the curriculum.
In conclusion, teachers should give a healthy amount of homework that doesn’t overwhelm students but allows them to grow at a healthy rate. Since too much homework leads to stress, and too little can result in students falling behind, it is important that teachers work with each other to give students a steady amount of homework for them to complete each night.