SPA should give homework


Orion kim

READY, SET, STUDY! Sophomore McKinley Garner works on several homework assignments during a very short study hall.

Orion Kim, the Rubicon

Sophomore McKinley Garner says that although he partially agrees, he thinks if teachers put homework entirely in the student’s hands, many of them will fall behind. Once they go to the teacher for help it will be too late.
“Obviously too much homework is bad, but students don’t retain all the information they learn in class. Although putting homework in the hands of students might give them more freedom, inevitably, students will stop completing homework altogether if they are not monitored. They will eventually fall behind,” he said.
Garner also thinks that students might cheat on the homework if it is based on completion. “Students could just write random things on their homework if it is graded on completion. There needs to be a balance between giving homework and not overworking students.
In conclusion, teachers should give a healthy amount of homework that doesn’t overwhelm students but allows them to grow at a healthy rate. Since too much homework leads to stress, and too little can result in students falling behind, it is important that teachers work with each other to give students a steady amount of homework for them to complete each night.