SMB Wolfpack draws pink crowds for breast cancer

SMB Wolfpack draws pink crowds for breast cancer

Ellie Findell, Rubiconline Editor


The lights were bright and the stands overflowed with fans decked out in every shade of pink on Sept. 16.

This is the second year that the Wolfpack, a joint team made up of three metro schools; Blake, Minnehaha Academy and St. Paul Academy has been around.

So far this season they are 3-0 with their most recent game against St Paul Harding doubling as a fundraiser for breast cancer. The crowd was packed with students throughout the night despite some rain in the fourth quarter of the game.

The first half was pretty slow for the Wolfpack with the first touchdown scored by Harding but they came back strong ending the game with a 42-7 win. The next game for the team is Sept. 23rd at 7 pm against New Life Academy at Park High School.