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Sections ends tumultuous Sparks season

Clara Ann Bagnoli
STRONG FINISH. Freshman Audrey Peltier sprints to the end of the lane in the 200 freestyle relay. Peltier has been dealing with shoulder pain this season. “Going into sections we’re not super confident with our ability,” she said.

After decades of placing 1st or 2nd, the Sparks swim and dive team had an upsetting conference, placing third for the first time since the 1980s. This came after a long season of adapting to a new coaching style, and struggling with illness both in the team, and on the coaching staff.

The team has struggled with their new coach both in and out of practice, as their coach has put swimmers in events they don’t typically swim, as a training exercise.

The coach, who has more experience coaching football, pushed swimmers past their comfort zones, but not in a way swimmers felt got them to their best times.

In a typical season leading up to sectionals, the team would go through taper, a process in which swimmers slowly decrease swimming volume and increase rest time to prepare their bodies for the race.

However, this year the taper technique has been very different, and not following the typical workout set, resulting in many of the team members experiencing confusion.

Going into sections we’re not super confident about our ability.

— Audrey Peltier

Freestyle and butterfly swimmer Audrey Peltier is struggling to adjust to this change. “It’s been a hard dynamic with the coach and the swimmers, with the techniques and strategies our coach uses. So, going into sections, we’re not super confident about our ability” Peltier said.

On a similar note, freestyle swimmer Ayla Rivers agrees confidence has been an issue for the whole team.“Confidence levels aren’t super high right now. I think everyone is just dealing with the disruption of the season,” Rivers said.

The disruptions Rivers mentioned primarily deal with illness. She explained that their coach had to take a step back midway through the season to deal with personal health issues, and that amongst the team there had been various colds circulating, resulting in gaps in the roster and limited practice attendance.

However, the team still carries appreciation for the season, and the community that has been built over the last few months. Breaststroker Anja Seifert felt the love from her team during by the season. “I was really excited and grateful to bond with my lane buddies, learn cheers as a team, and perservere through sections,” Seifert said. “The swim team reinspired my love for the sport.”

The swim team placed ninth overall, with four students and relays medal in their events, each placing from 6-8th place.

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