Senior lounge closed


Ellie Findell

The Senior Lounge will be permanently locked until March 26.

Seniors who had hoped to relax in the lounge during their free period were met by a locked door on Mar. 6, due to poor behavior within it. Seniors have had variety of reactions to the temporary closure of the senior lounge.

“I could care less about it closing because I never felt it was my space to use anyway,” senior Amina Smaller said.

Upper School Dean of Students Max Delgado sent an email to all seniors explaining the reasons for shutting down the lounge.

“The decision to lock the lounge emerged out of a pattern of poor behavior, much of which we’ve discussed in class meetings over the last few weeks. Inappropriate music, comments, behavior, language, and the general lack of upkeep for that space have become too commonplace, and it’s clear we need to take a break to reflect on how that space should be used,” Delgado wrote.

Delgado added what the school’s administration expects from seniors moving forward.

“For the rest of the week, I ask you to reflect; after the break, I’ll be open to meeting with members of SCLC if they want to petition for the re-opening of the lounge,” Delgado said.

For the lounge to re-open, SCLC members will need to draft a formal proposal to show why seniors should be able to use the lounge again and meet with Delgado to set a plan moving forward.