Science Bowl competes in Regionals, falls short


Submitted by Ben Konstan

Seniors Ben Konstan, Iya Abdulkarim(not pictured) and Adnan Askari along with Juniors Isabel Dieperink and Jeffery Huang competed for the SPA 1 team.

From Waterspouts to Lygase, and from Fermi labs to differential equations, Science Bowl is a competition that leaves students with a better understanding of the different types of science and complexities in each. On Jan. 20, SPA sent two teams to compete in the Science Bowl’s Regional competition at Macalester College. The competition began at 8:30 in the morning and the winning team would advance to nationals in Washington, D.C.

The two teams for SPA were denoted SPA 1 and SPA 2. They were in separate pools, but they were both assigned to compete in seven preliminary questioning rounds in the morning, with the chance to make the next round in the afternoon if they finished in the top three of their pool.

SPA competed against large schools like Edina, Mounds View and Woodbury, which increased the difficulty. SPA 1 was 4-2 heading into the last game of the day, and a final win would have guaranteed a spot in the next round; however, they lost and were unable to advance.

“We’re pretty pissed,” senior Captain Ben Konstan said.

The SPA 2 team finished 2-4-1 meaning they also did not make nationals.