Science Alliance and Outdoors Club host s’more fun on wintry day


Davan Rosen

SNOWY TREAT. The crowd of students grab sticks and marshmallows and circle around the two gas-powered fire pits set up in Lily Courtyard Nov. 14. “It went very well, better than any of us ever thought,” Outdoors Club president Charlotte Goings added. “We might plan another event soon. Probably something similar.”

X Period. It’s only 45 minutes, but on Nov. 14 it started with crisp fall temperatures and ended with thick snowfall. Club leaders for Outdoors Club and Science Alliance couldn’t have known how perfectly timed the portable fire pits and campfire treats would be.

The two groups held a s’more event, a community get-together, and the student response was huge. All students and faculty were welcome.

Goings said, “We bought enough stuff for 100 people and we ran out of everything.”

The goal of Outdoors Club is to get students outside in the fresh air and enjoy breaks in nature. Additionally, there is a focus on sustainability and protecting the planet. The leaders of Outdoors Club are Heidi Deuel, Charlotte Goings, and Jack O’Brien.

Science Alliance club is the home for science enthusiasts. Carrying out demonstrations and bringing in speakers to discuss recent scientific discoveries and related events is often their focus.

So how do s’mores fit into their mission?

“The outdoors part is for the outdoors club,” Science Alliance club leader Linnea Cooley said, “and the s’mores have sugar crystalization for Science Alliance.”

Science Alliance club leaders are Cooley, Aryun Nemani, Cooper Bollinger-Danielson, Yash Kshirsag and Leona Barocas.

“It went very well, better than any of us ever thought,” Goings said. “We might plan another event soon. Probably something similar.”

O’Brien said, “It was a great success and I would love to do it again, but, of course, it might be harder with the colder weather.”

This was the first co-hosted event of the year for the two clubs.