Prom celebration planned for A’bulae in Saint Paul


Fair use image from A’bulae website

As the school year comes to an end, juniors and seniors may be preparing for the annual prom, which will be held on Jun. 7. This year’s prom will be held at A’bulae in St. Paul. The Junior Class Leadership Council (JCLC) has been working on the planning of prom since the beginning of the school year, and are very excited for the event to finally take place.

“We chose A’bulae because it has a super beautiful rooftop with nice speakers. There is plenty of space and a really great dance floor, as well,” Greta Sirek, JCLC member said.

The space has a very elegant feel to it, and is most commonly used as a wedding space. The members of JCLC are very excited for something that many look forward to for the entire year. The prom is planned by JCLC as a parting gift to the senior class, which has become a school-known tradition.

“I am most looking forward to enjoying the night and ending the school year on a high note. I am also really excited for all of the tech features that A’bulae offers,” Sirek said.

Although the end product may feel perfect and easy for guests, there are many challenges that go into the planning of a big event such as the annual prom.

“It was difficult to narrow down the locations. We had a lot of ideas and it was tough to decide from so many. We also wanted to make sure the tickets weren’t ridiculously expensive so we worked a lot around that,” Sirek said.

Thanks to the members of JCLC, the 2017 prom is sure to be one that students will remember for a long time.