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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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[PHOTO STORY] Need a costume? Make it yourself.

Need a costume? Make it yourself.
Annika Kim

With her gold medallion necklace and pointy intricate paper machete mask, Kim dressed up as King Clawthorne from the animated series The Owl House. Kim thought the character's design was “unique” and decided to take on her own interpretation by using a balloon and paper machete, a medium she is familiar with. Her mother and she enjoyed making lanterns out of paper machetes, which gave her the inspiration to take on this costume. Kim rolled the paper machete strips to create the horns, used cardboard for the medallion, and painted it all for a finishing touch.

Ms. Joyce

Snagging the leftover turf from last year's Verona Fest, a piece of card, and an artificial flower from the design lab, Ms. Joyce replicated the “ground” from the band The Velvet Underground. Joyce scrolled through her Spotify playlists, adding those that could make interesting literal interpretations on a separate list until she found The Velvet Underground. Her favorite part of Halloween is the costumes: “It’s fun to see people, especially at school, looking very silly but fun … it brings me joy that someone is walking by as a pickle right now,” Joyce said.

Ms. Irish

In her bright pink top and denim overalls, Ms. Irish and Ms. Ward decided to dress up together as Destiny’s Child. Irish was inspired because “Ms. Ward was my advisor in high school, it’s like she’s my school mom,” Irish said. Her favorite part of Halloween is getting candy and giving candy, “I love the spirit of it,” she said.

Mr. Kraack

As the Summit Singer Chorale gathered on Tuesday morning at 7:20 a.m., some thought Mr. Kraack was dressed as Beanie Baby and others suspected he was a baby robber. However, Kraack was excited to reveal that was Goo Goo Dolls. Every year, Mr. Severson and Dr. Lockwood announce what theme the teacher follows. With his beanie, lightweight infant carrier, and stuffed animal dolls, Mr. Kraack chose the 90s band Goo Goo Dolls.

Phillippe Cristobal
Phillippe Cristobal

In his plaid flannel, hay woven accessories, rope belt, and face paint, Cristobal came to school on Tuesday as a scarecrow. Though he bought the scarecrow accessories online, his mother helped draw the painted skeleton on his face this morning. Cristobal’s favorite part of Halloween is the candy. He enjoys “trick-or-treating with my younger sisters,” he said.

Sophie Kannapiran

Carrying a life-size Barbie box, shirt, flower lei, and decked out in pink, Kannapiran and some of her friends dressed up as Barbie dolls. Her favorite part of Halloween is going door to door and trick-or-treating throughout her neighborhood.

Amalia Laguna
Amalia Laguna

Trying to be resourceful and dress up without going to buy clothing from the store, Laguna and her friends thought their costumes as cowgirls would be doable. Finding an old plaid flannel, jeans, tee, and cowgirl hat, Laguna and her friends dressed up as variations of different cowgirls. Her favorite parts of Halloween are the scary movies and trick-or-treating with her friends. Looking back, her favorite past costume is when she dressed as Maleficent from the Disney film series. “I had the plastic staff with a light-up ball… I thought it was the coolest thing ever,” Laguna said.

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