The Rubicon

Pandemics and creativity: a blessing or curse?

Edvard Munch, the Norwegian painter, contracted the Spanish Flu in 1919, used this experience as creative inspiration for a painting titled Self-Portrait with the Spanish Flu.

Sam Hanson, RubicOnline

April 21, 2020

The history of pandemics offers examples of artists that channeled enhanced creativity in the midst of crisis.

A new way to learn media

Two students edit videos in the Advanced Video Arts class.

Tana Ososki, Interactive Storytelling Team

November 26, 2018

Almost all the students in the high school watch a video at least once a day, and now SPA is offering a class to teach students how to make videos and to understand the process of editing filming, as well as the equipment that goes into making a single video. That is what the Video Arts Class is. It beg...

Students Explore Creativity at SPA

Noor Quresihy, Student Life Editor

June 4, 2014

A group of high school students wander around the art gallery, tracing the edges of glossy, vibrant pots and rough canvases bursting with color. In a corner of the library, a girl finalizes her lab report with details that paint a vivid picture of the experiment she performed in class. Voices discussing...

Students find time to think “outside the box”

Jackson Lea, Staff Writer

June 4, 2014

Creativity is often defined in an artistic context that emphasizes uniqueness, however, combatting daily issues with creative or unconventional means is more frequent than one might think. In the midst of all the academic stress that accompanies the fourth quarter, students often become so consumed by...