Grillin’ With Gib (Ep. 3): Too Much Sauce

Breandan Gibbons

Breandan Gibbons, Rubicon TV: Executive Producer

Executive Producer Breandan Gibbons details his method of making barbecue sauce. Barbecue sauce is a very complicated and the point is on individuality so here is a basis of what is needed for the different types of sauces. This list is not complete because barbecue is an endless art. However, it should provide the basis for any aspiring pitmasters.

Kansas City Sauce

This is the type of sauce that is most classically defined as barbecue sauce; it is sweet, tangy and very thick. This sauce is great all-around, but it has no one thing that it is exceptional in. It is usually a ketchup base with something in there to make it sweet and something in there to make it tangy. It is a great option for any barbecuing needs.

North Carolina Sauce

Vinegary and liquidy, not quite the classic sauce, but still very effective. This sauce is great for pulled pork and can go well with anything on the grill. It is not great for dipping because of how fluid the sauce is, but is great when looking for a low-sugar sauce on a grill. It does not have any tomato products and just gets its flavor from the vinegar.

Texas Sauce

Think cowboy boots and the type of they can give a person and that’s the type of kick in this type of barbecue sauce. This sauce is most commonly used with Beef but is very versatile. It has a similar consistency to the Kansas City sauce, but that added kick with a variety of peppers gives it its own thing.

Gib’s Too Much Sauce

This sauce is a combination of all of these different sauces. It is more liquidy than the class Kansas City, sweeter than the typical North Carolina sauce and not quite as spicy as the Texas sauce. That all comes together to create a special sauce.