Even in distance learning, power outage disrupts daily schedule

The Wednesday FLEX day required more flex than usual when the power at the Randolph Campus went out at 10:06 a.m.

Director of Operations Mark Dickinson wrote in a message to the community that the power outage is due to an XCel interruption, and while the campus is using generators, facilities is waiting for more information about when the power will turn back on.

Senior Addie Morissette was in the middle of her senior speech when the power went out. Those watching to the live stream from home saw the screen go black and heard Addie’s line become a broken record.

Moments later, Web Manager and Media Coordinator Matt Edens came on screen to let viewers know about the power outage and their hope to offer more information soon.

About a minute later, US Principal Max Delgado came on to let the community know that senior speeches would likely be rescheduled.

Dec. 9 was already a special schedule day, with all classes meeting for 30 minute periods on the last day of the Quarter 2. It leads into review days and capstone assessments.

This story will update as information becomes available.

UPDATE (11:18) – US Principal Max Delgado sent a message to families confirming the power outage impacts not only the school but the blocks around campus in Highland Park. He wrote that “While this outage is not localized to SPA, our IT folks expect that we won’t have full power or internet here on the campus for the rest of the day. Given that some teachers are teaching from campus, or live in the surrounding area, this means our school schedule could be disrupted. Students who can attend all classes, should, but if the class is not running, we ask that they reference Google Classroom as they are able to see if there are any instructions. If your child is unable to work due to this loss of power, please email the attendance line at your earliest convenience and we will excuse these absences.”