Donald Trump lacks awareness of First Amendment

Breandan Gibbons

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The views of this piece reflect those of the writer and not The Rubicon staff.

If Donald Trump is elected President, the First Amendment and the entire foundation of our Republic is in jeopardy. Throughout his campaign, Trump has completely disregarded the First Amendment, specifically the Freedom of the Press by revoking press credentials, criticizing journalists, and abusing journalists.

Trump revoked The Washington Post’s credential in June after banning POLITICO, The Huffington Post, Univision, The Des Moines Register, and Buzzfeed from his events. Trump cited The Post’s “incredibly inaccurate coverage and reporting of the record setting Trump campaign.”

This is also the responsibility of the press: to call into question the legitimacy of those in power.

The Post’s coverage has not been inaccurate. They have simply stated what happens at Trump events and what he says. There have been opinion pieces that criticize him for his racist, xenophobic, and sexist comments which deserve criticism.

This is also the responsibility of the press: to call into question the legitimacy of those in power. So, Trump revoking these credentials would be a violation of Free Speech if he were to be elected President. At the present time it is not because he is a private citizen.

However, there is nothing to suggest that he would not continue to act in the same manner if he were elected President. In fact, every sign points to him acting in the same way or possibly more exaggerated. The person that proves this more than anyone is Trump himself.

“One of the things I’m gonna do, and this is only gonna make it tougher for me, and I’ve never said this before, but one of the things I’m gonna do if I win… is I’m gonna open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money. We’re gonna open up those libel laws.”

Trump said in a speech in February in Texas.

“With me, they’re not protected, because I’m not like other people…We’re gonna open up those libel laws, folks, and we’re gonna have people sue you like you never get sued before.”

This is coming from the nominee for a party has that has spent the last eight years trying to “Defend the Constitution,” from Barack Obama who has done nothing to violate the Constitution.

Trump himself says, “I feel very strongly about our constitution. I’m proud of it. I love it.” So, if he loves the Constitution, it is completely contradictory for him to try to claim that he will violate the foundation of that document.

Students need to care about this. It is a big deal that if this man is elected President, he will attempt to violate the foundation of our Republic. All of the things that people in our country value and in our community value is at stake.

To those that think it would be funny for Trump to be elected or Hillary Clinton is worse: that is false. That is objectively, factually incorrect. Hillary Clinton may not be the greatest candidate in everyone’s view, but she is not threatening to violate the foundation of our country and that is the most important factor in this election.