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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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Creativity takes the spotlight in student canidates’ campaigns

CAMPAIGN ARTS. Sophomore Evan Morris is running for USC co-vice president with fellow sophomore Shefali Meagher. Morris works on the eye test poster (shown below) for his campaign in school. (Submitted by Evan Morris)

Posters cover the walls, asking whoever walks by to vote, and campaign Instagram accounts are active. Elections for elected groups are in full swing, and candidates are working hard on campaigning.

On the second floor, next to the stairs near the history rooms, there’s a sign that resembles an eye chart. Upon closer glance, it spells out “If you can read this, vote Evan and Shefali”. That poster belongs to sophomores Evan Morris and Shefali Meagher, who are running for the Upper School Council (USC) co-vice presidents.

Morris and Meagher rely on each other and Pinterest for poster ideas. On his own, Morris also discusses his plans for the posters with his sisters.

“We’re trying to make [our campaign] more fun for people to watch so that [they are] interested and catch our posters,” Morris said.

Morris is looking forward to seeing other posters and hearing the upcoming election speeches. “Honestly, it’s really fun just to go out and talk to people and see what they want to change…for next year,” Morris said.

Morris and Meagher are up against fellow sophomores Thomas Chen and Carys Hsuing for USC co-vice presidents.

Juniors Cerena Karmaliani and Annie Zhang are running for USC co-presidents unopposed, but that doesn’t mean they have halted their campaign. Karmaliani and Zhang are re-using their Instagram account from last year’s elections when they were elected USC co-vice presidents.

Like most candidates, Instagram is where they can reach the majority of the student body through funny videos, student and faculty endorsement posts and the introduction of goals for next year.

Karmiliani thinks that one of the biggest struggles about elections is running against close friends, which can sometimes strain relationships.

“I think the election process does not need to be stressful. But it can get a bit competitive when you’re competing against people that you appreciate,” Karmaliani said. “I also think, to some level, elections should be mostly about the speeches, but they don’t end up being that way when there is that us versus them.”

Sophomore Nijah Johnson is running for vice president of the Students Activities Committee (SAC).

“I make some posters just to get people riled up. I usually use memes because it’s funny,” Johnson said. Like Morris, she plans her posters to be eye-catching, funny, and appealing to the student body.

Johnson is running against sophomore Violet Pitcher for the position.

While the campaign can be fun, with posts and posters generating laughs, the candidates also take their goals seriously. “We’re also making sure that we are implementing changes we want to see in the school because that’s just as important. But it’s all about finding that balance for us because we don’t want people not to be interested in it,” Morris said.

Candidates for elected groups will share their speeches tomorrow during X-period.

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