Class representatives elected for 2022-2023 school year

Following speeches and student elections on Thursday, class representatives from grades 9-11 were chosen for the next school year. Congratulations to the 2022-2023 class representatives!

Upper School Council
Class of 2023: Sila Liljedahl, Jack O’Brien, Maya Sachs
Class of 2024: Henry Choi, Henry Hilton, Rita Li
Class of 2025: Cerena Karmaliani, Bora Mandic, David Schumacher

Committee for Community Conduct
Class of 2023: Alison Mitchell, Colin Will, Freya Broken (alternate)
Class of 2024: Clara Ann Bagnoli
Class of 2025: Sawyer Bollinger Danielson, Elliot Cooper

Student Activities Committee
Class of 2023: Lilith Greene-Friedman, Mimi Huelster, Lilly Malloy, Autumn Spaulding
Class of 2024: Clare Kimmel
Class of 2025: Aarushi Bahadur, Isidor Valdez, Natalie Waibel

Student Technology Committee
Class of 2023: No Candidate
Class of 2024: Humza Murad
Class of 2025: Lorenzo Good