As You Like It fuses student energy and professional skill

Peter Blanchfield

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During the first semester of this school year, in the halls around the Huss Center, the words of Shakespeare could be heard echoing every afternoon. This fall the Upper School put on a rendition of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. The play is considered one of Shakespeare’s comedies but to many modern audiences his words may seem a little bland, so when they put it on, the students decided to spice it up with some ad-libbed sequences and some music interludes which helped break up the play.

Compared to the Laramie Project that was in the Huss Center last year, this was not nearly as serious, instead, it took on a funny and relaxing mood. Yet in this time of high tension and stress due to school, sports, and politics, this two-hour performance was exactly what many people needed.

Director Hannah Steblay was only with SPA for this one production, but despite being here only for a short while she managed to put together a masterful combination of dedication to the story and script of Shakespeare’s original play while also infusing it with a modern and lively flare. As You Like It  left the audience  laughing and with newly composed music in their heads.