When should the US step into help Ukraine?


PLAN. Ukrainian Refugees exit the highway into Poland. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ukrainian_refugees_from_2022,_crossing_into_Poland

The United States is not putting enough effort into helping Ukraine fight off the globes bully, Russia. Since late Feb., Ukraine has been Russia’s target due to the country’s announcement about its possible alliance with NATO.

The United States have announced their support of Ukraine as many other countries have, along with sending weapons to Ukraine. They have also established economic sanctions against Russia, including a shipping company owned by Russia’s largest diamond mining company. The trading ban has put pressure on Putin, but is that enough?

Sending military troops will only push Putin over the edge, as the excuse for his invasion was the threat of NATO. The United States should only continue to add to the rising conflict if there is a need for a defense against America, which is what they are currently doing. Fortunately, there are other ways to help.

The U.S. has failed to properly set up guidelines to help the citizens of Ukraine, not just the soldiers. Many of Ukraine’s cities have been destroyed by Russian bombs and military, leaving many homes, scared and in financial ruin. The United States has the financial capacity of funding at least a portion of the construction lost. The US should send humanitarian relief to help aid the Ukrainian citizens who are displaced and affected by the war.

Many Americans have shown their support through protests, which encourages the U.S. government to help out with the eastern conflict. Although, some have begun boycotting Russian businesses that do not support Putin’s actions. Grouping all Russians into Putin supporters harmful and untrue stereotypes that cause even more issues. Focusing on putting pressure on Putin and the Russian military is what’s most important. By doing the same to all Russians takes away from the problems at hand and puts walls between committees when we all should come together to help Ukraine.

It is important when supporting Ukraine that we keep ourselves organized so as to not add to the mess. The United States can continue its plan while showing more direct support to Ukraine’s citizens.