Weightlifting Club strengthens muscles and confidence

During X-period on Thursdays, a select group of students change into athletic clothes before entering the weight room to work out. These students are part of Weightlifting Club, a student group led by co-presidents Adam Zukowski and Thomas Kuriscak. The club is new this year, offering another option to diversify students’ X-periods in addition to the the multitude of other interest groups that are available to students.

Kelby Wittenberg
Club president Adam Zukowski does curls with a bar as a club member looks on. “I formed weightlifting club because there seems to be less and less kids going into the weight room to workout,” said Zukowski.

“I formed Weightlifting Club because there seems to be less and less kids going into the weight room to workout,” Zukowski said. “I formed it with Tommy [Kuriscak] to see numbers grow in the weight room after school.”

Students do everything from ladder drills to bench presses in the 45 minutes that make up X-period.

“My goals for the Weightlifting Club are to help improve the overall fitness in our school and teach kids who do not know how to lift properly to get comfortable and avoid injury,” Zukowski said. 

Christine Schwichtenberg, a US biology teacher, is the adviser to the club. Schwichtenberg hasn’t been lifting weights recently due to her pregnancy, but she still enjoys proctoring the club.

“I do enjoy watching them get more comfortable in the weight room,” she said.  

While students typically think of school as a place to flex their mental muscles, Weightlifting Club offers students a unique opportunity to work on their physical regiment and develop the confidence that accompanies strength training.