[TRENDING] Ep. 9 New music with Yona Ketema, Henry Cheney and Peter Michel

Liv Larsen: Welcome back to Trending, sorry about the long hiatus. It’s Liv here, and today I’m with… 

Yona Ketema: Hey, I’m Yona.

Henry Cheney: I’m Henry.

Peter Michel: And I’m Peter. 

LL: We’re gonna be talking about some new music, some old music, whatever you guys are listening to. Do any of you guys have a song you want to start with? 

YK: This new 100 gecs song came out. I like it a lot. Go get that.

LL: Yeah, with Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, and Kero Kero Bonito right?

YK: Yeah, it’s great. 

LL: And when did that come out? Yesterday?

YK: Yeah. The 24th of February. 

LL: What do you like about it Yona?

YK: I kinda miss 100 gecs. They haven’t dropped since the Injury Reserve remix, I think, so I’m really happy about this new stuff. 

PM: When was the Injury Reserve remix?

YK: I don’t remember. It was last year for sure. I know that. 

LL: Wait Yona you like 100 gecs?

YK: Yeah, do you like 100 gecs?

LL: Oh ok. Well, I’ve tried to listen to their music, and I just cannot get into it at all. It’s like lowkey nails on a chalkboard. 

YK: Did you like the new song though?

LL: I love the new song, and it’s confusing me because I’m not used to liking their music, but I think it’s because I like Charli XCX and Kero Kero Bonito and Rico. You put them in a song, even though it’s a weird mix, can it really go wrong?

YK: No. 

LL: It cannot go wrong.

YK: There are no bad performances on it. 

LL: I would have to agree with you on that one. 

YK: It’s a strong 10. 

HC: The part where they ask Charli to do the chorus again is kinda cringe.

YK: That’s iconic. It’s tweetable. It’s iconic. It will go down in history. 

HC: It’s not tweetable my guy. 

YK: Charli and numerous other Twitter accounts I follow, have already tweeted it. 

HC: That’s so ugly. 

YK: It’s not ugly. 

LL: Henry, what have you been listening to?

HC: What have I been listening to?

PM: Comedy. 

HC: Oh jeez. Uh, line?

LL: Well you seem to have a lot of hot takes.

PM: Yeah, so whip it out. What do you got?

HC: I’ve been listening to… 

LL: Right now I give you your phone, and I’m like “put on a song, any song.”

PM: We passed the aux to you. 

HC: The Grimes album. It’s pretty crazy.

LL: Clark’s proud of you for that one, I’m sure. 

HC: She doesn’t like it though. 

LL: What? She doesn’t?

YK: Her new one. 

HC: She said it wasn’t her best.

LL: Wow. What do you think? How do you think it compares?

HC: Compares? Well, I haven’t listened to all of the Grimes’ albums, but I think this one is pretty good. 

LL: Thank you Henry, very cool. What about you Peter?

PM: Well, I like… One album that I am listening to right now that is very good is Czarface Meets Metal Face

YK: Ah, yes. 

PM: Truly a number one song and album, and I really like it because it’s MF Doom, and MF Doom is probably one of my favorite artists. Then, he also has Czarface on that album which is sort of… A lot of people say that he’s kind of a copycat of MF Doom, and they’re kind of right, but I think that because they’re very similar, they complement each other very well, and it is one of my most listened to albums right now. 

LL: Awesome, do you have anything else Yona? Any other songs?

YK: New King Krule album. Go get that. Man Alive! Man of vibe. Go get that, yep. 

LL: Awesome, thank you guys so much for being on Trending. 

PM: Of course.

HC: I actually have a plug.

LL: Go ahead. We would love to hear it. 

HC: Buy Snapple.

YK: Wait, the tea?

PM: Snapple is not a tea Yona. 

HC: Snapple is not a tea my guy. 

YK: Snapple?

LL: Yeah it is?

PM: It’s like a juice thing. 

YK: Dude, I swear it’s iced tea. It’s like Arizona. 

PM: Let me look up Snapple. 

LL: It’s juice?

PM: It’s definitely juice. 

LL: Thank you for listening to Trending. 

HC: They sponsored me. It’s juice.

PM: It’s tea and juice.

LL: Thank you so much for listening to Trending. Please comment whether you think Snapple is tea or juice.

PM: It’s a fact though. Look it up.