[TRENDING] Ep. 4 with Jane Christakos (Playlist Breakdown)

Liv Larsen: Hey everyone it’s Liv. Welcome back to another episode of Trending. Today I’m with…

Jane Christakos: Jane.

LL: And we’re going to be going through one of Jane’s playlists and just talking about some music.

JC: Ok, so, let’s see… One of my playlists that probably has the most songs, and I don’t make many playlists, but it’s basically just an R&B playlist cause that’s what I like to listen to. The first song that popped up was “Jungle” by H.E.R. Really good song, wait… Yeah. It’s a banger. It’s a good song.

LL: Yeah. Did she have an album come out recently? Or does she have one coming out soon?

JC: Yeah she had one come out recently. Let me look up what the name of it was. That one is from her previous one. Her new album is I Used To Know Her. She’s really good. I think she’s had songs with…

LL: Daniel Caesar.

JC: Daniel Caesar, Bryson Tiller, probably some other people too. Another one… let me see… Oh, “Honesty” by Pink Sweat$. So that’s also a really good song. I don’t really know any of his other songs though. I just kind of came across it one day and decided to put it on my playlist. That kind of happens a lot.

LL: Is that how you find your music? How do you usually find new music for your playlists or just to listen to?

JC: I’ll either listen to someone else’s playlist or I’ll just kind of go down a rabbit-hole on YouTube looking at different musicians that I haven’t heard before trying to find new people. That’s just kind of how I find new music.

LL: That’s cool. Do you have any other songs you want to share?

JC: Yeah um… this song. That’s called “Luh Ya” by Marsha Ambrosius. I actually heard that in Huss, and I was like “Oooh this is a good song,” so I shazamed it and now it’s on my playlist.

LL: So shoutout to whoever was playing that in Huss.

JC: Yeah. Well it was like on speech day, so it was playing in the auditorium. This is a really good song “Gonna Love Me” by Teyana Taylor. I also hear these on the radio, but like, they’re not super popular, but they’re on some radios. That’s where I get some of them.

LL: That’s awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your playlist with everyone today Jane.

JC: Yeah.

LL: Stay tuned for more episodes of Trending coming soon. Thank you for listening.