[TRENDING] Ep. 3 with Lucia Granja and Adrienne Gaylord (Captain Marvel)

LL: “Hi, I’m Liv Larsen, and this is Trending. Today’s guests are…”

LG: “Lucia Granja.”

AG: “And Adrienne Gaylord.”

LL: “Yay! Ok, so, today we’re going to be talking about Captain Marvel.

LG: “Yeah. It came out this Friday, and I went, and I saw it with some friends on Saturday night, and I really liked it. It was really fun.”

AG: “Yeah, I saw it on Sunday with my mom’s boyfriend and my sister. It was pretty good.”

LL: “What were some of your favorite parts of it?”

LG: “I really liked how the plot was really intense, so you had to like actually think about what was happening cause, in the beginning, you were really confused. I liked how it was connected to the rest of the rest of the Marvel Universe. It was the beginning of the Avengers and everything.”

AG: “I like connecting the plotline with the current plotline and the timelines and all that, and also how there’s a big twist so watch out, or maybe there isn’t. I don’t know. There are no spoilers here. It was pretty good though.”

LL: “Do you guys have anything you didn’t really like about it or anything you thought could have been improved?”

AG: “The humor could have had a bit more…”

LG: “Yeah, the humor wasn’t that great. It could have been funnier. It had funny potential.”

AG: “Watch out there’s a curse word. Shield your ears.”

LL: “I thought it was good too. I thought one thing that all Marvel movies kind of have in common except maybe the second Guardians of the Galaxy is that the color palette is kind of bland.”

LG: “Yeah, it’s the same.”

LL: “It’s not a huge problem, but it’s just less visually appealing than I feel like they could be doing. I don’t know. Are you guys excited for Endgame?”

AG: “Yes.”

LG: “Yeah, especially because there’s a little hint about it in Captain Marvel, and oh my god.”

AG: “I think they might’ve actually just played a clip from the movie. I don’t think they felt like recording something new. I think they were just like “Let’s just like put something from the movie in there.” Remember to stay there for both the after trailers.”

LG: “The after, what are they called?”

LL: “Post-credit scenes.”

LG: “Post credits.”

AG: “Oh, you know what the best part is?”

LG: “What?”

AG: “The cat, Goose.”

LL: “Oh yeah.”

LG: “Watch out for the cat.”

AG: “Watch out for Goose.”

LL: “Cute but… watch out. No spoilers though. What role do you guys think Captain Marvel might play in Endgame? Any guesses?”

LG: “I feel like she’ll help. I feel like she won’t be super main, but she’ll definitely be one of the people that helps them get everybody back, you know?”

AG: “Yeah, she’ll be the secret weapon.”

LG: “Yeah, exactly cause she was hidden for so long.”

LL: “What characters are you guys most looking forward to seeing in Endgame besides Captain Marvel? Anybody you want to come back from the dead?”

AG: “Yeah, Spider-Man.”

LG: “Obviously Spider-Man. I mean, I’m really sad because Gamora probably not gonna come back. She was actually yeeted off a cliff… Who else? Groot and like all of them. It’s just really sad. It’s a sad time.”

AG: “He’s going through his teen years, so many new thoughts.”

LL: “Do you guys think you’ll see the new Spider-Man?”

LG: “Yeah, of course.”

AG: “Yeah.”

LL: “Do you like Tom Holland as Spider-Man? Who’s your favorite Spider-Man?”

LG: “Ok that ones hard. I like Tom Holland because I really like his personality with Spider-Man cause Spider-Man is so sarcastic and I think he captures the character well.”

AG: “Like when he did umbrella. I loved that so much.”

LG: “That was so funny.”

LL: “I feel like he’s just a good young Spider-Man like Spider-Man is supposed to be a teenager so having an actual teenager or young person.”

LG: “In the other movies, they were so old.”

LL: “Like Tobey Maguire…”

LG: “They were like 40 years old and they were pretending to be teenagers. It was so weird.”

LL: “I didn’t even think about that until Tom Holland became Spider-Man, and then I was like, “wait this actually what he’s supposed to be like.”

AG: “Yeah, exactly.”

LG: “And I’m excited because Zendayas going to have a bigger role in the next Spider-Man one. It’s gonna be really good. I love Zendaya.”

LL: “Alright, so do you guys have any final thoughts? Would you recommend people go see Captain Marvel?

LG: “Yeah. Go see Captain Marvel. It’s really good. It’s really fun. It’s really funky. It’s a really interesting movie, and it’s just a fun time to see it with your friends.”

AG: “Yeah. Catch up on all the Marvel movies you see Endgame so that you’re ready.”

LG: “Yeah, for emotional attacks.”

LL: “Alright, this has been Trending. Thank you so much, Lucia and Adrienne, for talking with me today. See you next week on an episode of Trending.”