Top five videos and podcasts of 2020

In the year 2020, the RubicOnline produced several videos and podcasts covering the SPA community and world as a whole. During a year when everyone was at a distance, the digital age allowed the staff to pivot to video content and produce stories. Here are some of the best:

[60 SECOND NEWS] Road to 270, SPA announces return to Distance Learning  by Bobby Verhey

[THE GK PODCAST] Episode 5: Ranking Celebrities with G and/or K Initials by Gavin Kimmel and Grace Krasny

[CROSSING THE RUBICON] Ep. 1: Poetry with Bev O’Malley by Maddy Fisher

A conversation with new debate teacher Mr. Cheng by Lucia Granja

Taking a job during a pandemic: Ken McNish by Elizabeth Trevathan