Top five A&E stories of 2020


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What should schools really be doing to have racial equality?

In the unprecedented year of 2020, A&E stories have ranged from recipes to try while learning from home to reviews on the latest new albums. Reviews were written on a variety of topics, from the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to Miley Cyrus’s album Plastic Hearts. The art and expression of students was captured in stories ranging from their fashion sense to the art they create. Here are our five favorite stories from 2020.

Artists paint tribute murals of Floyd, messages for change by Tana Ososki


Incorrect portrayal of Black people in movies by Jenny Ries


[WHERE I STAND] Not afraid of monsters: popular Monster Energy flavors ranked, by Adrienne Gaylord


[TV REVIEW] Netflix checkmates all with The Queen’s Gambit by Mimi Huelster



[PODCAST REVIEW] Nice White Parents brings light to school system issues by McKinley Garner