“The Intro” displays B’s unique voice, expressive melodies, but cliche lyrics


Although some of the lyrics are a little cliche Ruth B’s voice sound beautiful in her first EP titled “The Intro”.

Jonah Harrison, Staff Writer

The up and coming Canadian singer/songwriter Ruth B released her first EP titled The Intro in late Nov. of 2015. This short, four song collection shows off B’s voice using only a piano as an accompaniment. This creates a simplistic style in which you are able to more easily concentrate on her unique voice. The former vine sensation wrote her debut single Lost Boys and self released it, which received many praise from recording labels, prompting her to write three more songs for the EP. Although most of the melodies are very common, she makes up for it with her interesting lyrical timing. A highlight of this EP is her song Golden. This song is kind of like an “underdog anthem”, saying that she is herself and wouldn’t want to be anyone else. Her voice has a beautiful sound but some of her lyrics are very cliche and common. The Intro is available on iTunes and Spotify.