The Current (Events): Why does Donald Trump hate giraffes?

This month was full of events to chill you to the bone, so this episode we will be taking a look at Donald Trump’s dubious forays with Putin, a government that just won’t seem to tick right, and, of course, the always ominous threat of climate catastrophe looming on the horizon.

Viewers, today we hope you take care of yourselves in these tumultuous times. We all love a good scare once and awhile, but beware of becoming beaten down by the constant cascade of diabolical deeds.

Our first story of tonight is terrifying because it has not been receiving the periodical attention it deserves. It seems this issue is far away in the minds of american politicians, as they struggle with the prolonged shutdown. Some of you already know what this ominous threat will be: Humanity’s impact on the Earth. As the longest recurring story on our show, environmental issues have been explored in-depth. But as long as cars, cows, and coal keep affecting the environment, we will have to keep terrifying the public with climate horror stories.

Recently, giraffes have neared extinction. According to International Union for Conservation of Nature, two of the nine species of Giraffes are now in the “critically endangered” category.

This is just the latest of hundreds of reports throughout the past century warning people about their effect on the environment.

However, this would not be a good story if we did not leave you without a thread of hope. At the G20 meeting, 19 of the 20 world leaders have pledged to fight climate change. We all know who that lone hold out was. The important thing is that Climate Change is now a globally recognized problem, and step are being taken to curb it. Even in the United States, the Pentagon has recognized Climate Change as a threat to national security.