The Current (Events): You can handle the truth

With the overflow of information, the question about how to sift through it all becomes extremely important. Each person has their own perspective on world, which affects how they consume news. The beauty of the internet is that anyone has the ability to inform their perspective on dozens of issues. However, through algorithms and the intrinsic property of the internet to create space for echo chambers, one can too easily have to struggle to find the truth.

There are a few easy solutions that we can take advantage of. The first is to get your news from a variety of sources. One great tool is the news subreddit, which for breaking news events, collects the headlines from every website it has access to and compiles them in a list to show a reader the full picture of a world event. While Reddit can be used for distraction or entertainment, it has an important effect on the world of journalism. With a newspaper, website, or blog, the publication decides what stories are the most important to grace the front page. With Reddit, people decide what the most important article is. This creates a powerful system where news that actually matters to the most people is pushed to the forefront of the site.

A second recommendation is to be careful around apps like apple news which compile many news sources into one place. At first glance, this would seem to contradict my earlier advice to get news from more than one source. However, apple news uses algorithms to decide what articles reach your front page. You do not. This occurs with youtube as well where your browsing habits are influenced by the work of algorithms. These algorithms do not show you the most important news sources or the ones that will be most relevant to your life. The purpose is to keep you on the app for the longest amount of time.