Tait brings artistic talent outside


McKinley Garner

CREATIVE MINDS. The middle sculpture, made by Wyatt Tait, is about spring and community. The other sculptures are made by local sculpture artists.

Take me out to the ball game, and look at Wyatt Tait’s art.

The FauxBloom Sculpture Garden is an ongoing event part of the Saint’s art program, which is committed to displaying local artists in their community spaces. The installation occurs at the Saint’s stadium in Downtown St. Paul and is coordinated by the Saint’s art curator Rachel Wacker.
FauxBloom23 is the fourth year of the event, which is a call to local artists to design and create a sculpture with one constraint: the base is already constructed.

Local sculptor Patrick Price created the base, which is comprised of four intersecting pieces of plywood, “[the shape] definitely changed the way I thought about how I wanted to do my design,” Tait said.

[The shape] definitely changed the way I thought about how I wanted to do my design

— Wyatt Tait

Tait has worked with multiple mediums of artwork, but the contest allowed him to work beyond familiarity, “I haven’t done much sculpture, mostly 2D [art],” Tait said.

First, Tait sourced reference images from the internet to include in his design, using these designs he created a stencil and brought it to life using the laser cutter in the design lab. The stencils were then layered onto the four individual boards and spray painted corresponding colors, creating a cohesive multi-colored work when finally pieced together.

The design includes a background pattern of multiple people walking, and stenciled on top of them in the foreground are silhouettes of a single person.

Tait layered primary colors onto the background pattern then layering secondary colors to the silhouette in the foreground. The use of color in the sculpture reflects the learning he does in the Advanced Art seminar with Ms. LG, “we are learning about how to use complimentary colors as well as harmony colors,” art teacher Ms. LG said.

To visit Tait’s work and the other installations, visit CHS stadium’s entrance between April 4th and May 7th.