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[The 5] Violent crime rate increase, TikTok ban averted, death of Ginsburg, new findings on Venus, and more

[The 5] Violent crime rate increase, TikTok ban averted, death of Ginsburg, new findings on Venus, and more

September 20, 2020

On Monday (Sep. 14), an international team of astronomers found the presence of phosphine (a chemical signature) in Venus’s atmosphere, that was possibly created by living organisms. This suggests that there may be some sort of living organisms present on Venus.

Banned or not? TikTok continues to receive attention

TikTok is a platform that allows friends to create content all while having fun. In this photo, sophomore Katherine Bragg and her friend spent quality time together making and then sharing this TikTok dance.

Elle Chen, Production Manager

September 20, 2020

TikTok, a social networking platform owned by Chinese company ByteDance, has become a sensation to youth and the general public around the world.

Trump’s ban on WeChat is nothing more than petty oppression

Starting on Sunday, WeChat and TikTok will no longer be permitted to download on US App Stores.

Elle Chen, Production Manager

September 19, 2020

While Trump’s reasoning behind banning both WeChat and TikTok is due to “national security” and data collection concerns, the impacts his decisions will have on many WeChat users in the states is extremely horrifying and devastating.

Student activism takes form online

Gen Z is the first generation to grow up with direct access to social media, which is an activism force on its own.

Lara Cayci, Aureus Editor-in-Chief

September 18, 2020

Finding a balance for activism on social media is important as we grow more accustomed to being online.

[DANCE MOVES] TikTok recreates memories

Annika Rock, RubicOnline

February 24, 2020

Students used TikTok to make dances to musicals and recreate dances, like the Renegade.

Tik Tok’s exaggerations follow societal trends

Like many other teens, senior Pia Schultz also hops on the trend- making a Tik Tok in the empty hallways at school.

Martha Sanchez, RubicOnline

January 15, 2020

Tik Tok, a trending app that follows in the footsteps of Vine and, features highly exaggerated dance videos and clickbait headlines. But what exactly motivates users to exaggerate? 

[DANCE MOVES] TikTok continues to thrive

Annika Rock, RubicOnline

November 5, 2019

Students around the school continue to dance to songs on the ever so popular app TikTok.

TikTok: the app that’s been connecting and influencing Gen Z

Popular trends on TikTok transcend the app. One recent trend is to imitate a video of popular influencer Danielle Cohn dancing.

Zekiah Juliusson, RubicOnline

October 30, 2019

Students should continue this and not discriminate or hate on people but rather enjoy the app for what it can offer. 

[ALBUM REVIEW] mxmtoon captures nostalgic view of love and adolescence

Armed with melancholy but catchy tunes about love, moving on, and loneliness, mxmtoon draws in listeners and is rising through the charts.

Melissa Nie, Director of RubicOnline

September 18, 2019

19-year-old Oakland artist mxmtoon is making waves in the pop sphere.