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[SPOTIFY PLAYLIST] BVS ‘kicks off’ their gamedays with a pop and rap mix

Junior forward Milo Waltenbaugh said,

Bobby Verhey, Social Media Manager

September 12, 2019

The boys' varsity soccer playlist covers many music genres including dub-step, pop, R&B, and Rap.

Spring season playoffs bud hope for state

At the end of each sports season, teams play a section tournament in hopes of making it to state.

Bobby Verhey, Social Media Manager

May 23, 2019

At the end of each sports season, teams play a section tournament in hopes of making it to state. Click here to read about how each team is preparing and their expectations for the tournament.

Lacrosse teams enjoy co-op with different schools

The Blackhawks lacrosse team before a game.

Martha Sanchez, RubicOnline Editor

April 17, 2019

SPA lacrosse teams enjoy the unity that a co-op team brings to the sport.

Comedy plays essential role in community

Junior Nina Smetana laughs as she listens to sophomore Isabel Toghramadjian read riddles.

Tommy Stolpestad, The Rubicon Editor

March 5, 2019

Laughter can bring joy and relief to anyone, anywhere. In that sense, it is its own form of medicine.

SPA Views: Students find favorite spaces

Emma Sampson, RubicOnline Editor

October 5, 2018

With new and innovative parts of the school to explore, students have found themselves sprawled out across it.

Girls Volleyball defeats Visitation at their homecoming

Senior and captain Blythe Rients gets a kill off of a backrow attack in the Girls Varsity Volleyball game against Visitation on Sept. 21.

Koji Gutzmann, RubicOnline Editor

September 24, 2018

In three sets, the Girls Varsity Volleyball team overpowered the Visitation Volleyball team on Sept. 21.

[PHOTO GALLERY] Blackhawks lacrosse game ends in loss, cut short due to storm

Sophomores Duncan Fleming (10) and Tommy Stolpestad (6) begin a play.

Rylan Hefner, Staff Writer

May 25, 2018

Boys varsity lacrosse lost 9-4 in the May 24 game; it ended in the third quarter due to lightning.

Boys Lacrosse kicks off the season with team spirit

The team listens to strategy from the coach.

Noah Raaum and Sam Hanson

April 24, 2017

Blackhawks Lacrosse includes four players from SPA, with senior Ross Kirby serving as captain.