Superbowl ads: a look at the top hits of 2020



A picture from the snickers add as peace is restored to the world thanks to snickers

  1. Tom Brady black and white 

Fans were on the edge of their seats as they were anticipating Mr. Brady’s retirement announcement, as they watched their favorite quarterback announce in a Hulu ad that he, in fact, will be returning this year and surely raising interest in Hulu simultaneously.

2. Mr. peanut reincarnated as baby nut

As the news of Mr. Peanut’s death that had been previously shown on other commercials for Planter’s had reached many of his most devoted fans Planters comes back with the shock of a lifetime. Baby nut, as he has been named by his twitter management team, is the new reincarnation of Mr. Peanut and many are thrilled.

3. Can’t touch this, Cheetos

Everyone’s been there, you really want to help your friend do something strenuous and annoying but you have Cheeto dust covering your fingers so you are stuck with no way of helping. Cheeto’s exemplified this perfectly with a fantastic cameo from MC Hammer that added just the right amount of comedy.

4. Sabra Hummus

Charli D’amelio only appeared in it for about 0.25 seconds but she was there and that is proof of the impact that influencers are able to reach as she so recently became famous from nothing more than a lip-syncing and dancing app. She appeared along with many other famous people but most notably the lead being ric flair, and all for Sabra hummus.

As the news of Mr. Peanut’s death that had been previously shown on other commercials for Planter’s had reached many of his most devoted fans Planters comes back with the shock of a lifetime

5. Facebook

Facebook groups have been around since the creation of the website but the true scope of the groups was shown by this fast-paced and beautifully formulated commercial showing how many different groups and carrying the message that everyone belongs somewhere and Facebook just might be the place for you to find where.

6. Google

Never has a super bowl commercial caused so many tears as this Google ad with an old man making sure he remembers all of the great things about his wife, many viewers say that it was almost impossible not to feel the unrelenting urge to go buy a google home after seeing this very sad commercial.

7. Cool Ranch Doritos

Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot face off in an almost minute-long dance battle to Lil Nas X’s hit song “Old Town Road” all for a bag of Doritos and if you don’t see the bag of cool ranch Dorito’s at the beginning of the commercial like me you will have a very entertaining minute of confusion and excitement to see what dance move the competing pair comes up with. 

8. Jeep

Bill Murray playing his character from Groundhog Day is able to join forces with an actual groundhog as he befriends the rodent and they leave the worries of the day behind to go have some fun, showing that anything is possible with a Jeep Gladiator. 

9. Rick and Morty Pringles

With Justin Roiland’s masterpiece of a show being used to advertise Pringles this ad has been created with enough care to ensure that the normal personas of characters from a normal Rick and Morty episode are not lost but rather the Pringles are seamlessly added into the general mood of the show. 

10. Snickers

Snickers took a look at many of the small and strange aspects of our world that are presented jokingly as being large problems and almost as to mock Kendall Jenner’s controversial Pepsi ad the commercial shows a crowd of people dropping a giant Snickers bar into the Earth and all of a sudden everything is fixed. The joke in this commercial starts from the very first scene and follows all the way through until the last making this commercial my personal favorite from the big game.