Want to learn during the summer? Get a job.

Summer jobs teach high school students the importance of saving money and learning responsibility.

It’s not hard to begin counting down the days until summer arrives with the end of a long quarter and the arrival of Spring Break. When summer comes, there is no more homework or after school activities that take up all the hours in a day. In the summer, there is more time to be with family and friends, and students get the freedom to chose how each day is spent. It is finally hot enough to drive to the pool, or go to a favorite camp, but after awhile, the money begins to add up, and most parents do not want to keep spotting their children money over and over again.

If students do not learn how to manage money in high school, it can be very hard to manage money at college when there is more to manage and and less input from family.  

Also, the summer is an optimal time for a high school student to get a job since there is more time to work and people’s schedule’s are usually more flexible. Having freedom comes with responsibility, and getting a job at a young age teaches kids how to be more responsible.  Before a student gets a job, they should think about how much time they want to spend working, and how they will spend their other time. After a student does this, they will begin learning how to manage a busy schedule, which is another important life habit. Being able to manage a busy schedule helps students greatly during the school year, even after high school and college are over.

Getting a job in high school teaches kids the importance of managing money at a young age. As soon as a student is handed their first check, they’re able to realize that hard works pays off. After students understand that lesson, many begin to value the money and how they spend it. Students learn to spend the money more responsibly, since they were the once that worked hard to get it. If students do not learn how to manage money in high school, it can be very hard to budget money during college when there’s more to manage and less input from family.

Imagining being in a workplace with new people can be very intimidating, but it’s also a good time to work on new social skills. Working and interacting with new people can help you at school during Harkness discussions or group projects.

Getting a summer job during high school helps many students in the long run, and it teaches students the importance of responsibility and how hard work pays off.