[Q&A] 10 Questions with Michael Bagnoli


David Ellis

Sophomore Michael Bagnoli shoots the puck. Bagnoli is a two sport varsity athlete playing soccer and hockey.

Tommy Stolpestad, The Rubicon Editor

Sophomore Michael Bagnoli is a two sport varsity athlete playing soccer in the fall and hockey in the winter. With the winter sports season kicking into full swing, I asked him 10 questions about his past experiences with hockey and how he prepares for each game.

1. What are your pre game rituals?

A: “One of my main pre game rituals is that I always put the right side of my gear on first.”

2. What kind of player are you on the ice?

A: “I would consider myself more of a finesse player in hockey.”

3. Where does your competitive side come from?

A: “My competitiveness comes from playing sports with my brother and always trying to beat him in whatever we were doing.”

4. Is there any significance to the number you wear?

A: “8 is the same number my dad wore, so that’s one of the reasons I wear it.”

5. What is your favorite thing about playing hockey?

A: “One of my favorite things about hockey is being able to play a sport with my friends who have the same interests as me.”

6. What is your favorite pregame song?

A: “Rubbin off the paint” [by YBN Nahmir]

7. What is your favorite pregame meal?

A: “A bacon egg and cheese sandwich with a chocolate milk.”

8. Who do you model your game off of?

A: “Rasmus Dahlin

9. How long have you been playing hockey?

A: “Since I was five.”

10. What is your favorite hockey memory?

A: “Winning the state championship as a PeeWee.”

Bagnoli plays tonight at Drake arena at 7 p.m. as the Spartan hockey team takes on Mound Westonka.