SPA should return to distance learning

Orion Kim, The Rubicon

Sophomore Nora Shaughnessy thinks SPA should simply move back to full-time distanced learning. “The new COVID variant has been affecting many children as well, and also teachers. There have already been, I think, [59 cumulative Randolph campus cases since December 28th] which has been affecting the way teachers teach and students learn,” Shaughnessy said.

A return to hybrid learning only temporarily resolves the COVID cases. According to Shaughnessy, at the beginning of the last school year, when the school moved to hybrid, it lasted temporarily and the school moved back to distanced learning after only a couple months. A move to distance learning seems inevitable so the school should try to limit the cases by moving back to virtual school as soon as possible.

For Shaughnessy, the school should simply make the decision that is the safest for the SPA community.