Seniors show off school spirit in Spartan auditions


Melissa Nie

Every year, a senior is selected to be the face of homecoming. Senior Henrik Schleisman celebrates being chosen as the Spartan.

Melissa Nie, Director of RubicOnline

The Spartan: a proud symbol of athletic achievement and a quintessential element of homecoming. Every year, a senior is selected to be the face of homecoming, a representation of the school spirit of the four hundred or so members of this community. 

Spartan hopefuls apply by sending an email to US Spanish teacher Pam Starkey or letting a Student Activities Committee (SAC) member know. The Spartan auditions took place during X-Period on Sept. 17, supervised by SAC members juniors Gabe Ramirez and Will Schavee.

The process consisted of seniors doing the Spartan beat, stating why they should be the Spartan, and leading a cheer of their choice.

Seniors Zach Dyar and Sydney Therien were just a few of the people that applied. 

“I thought it was really fun! We had it in a study room in the language wing which made it extra special. The whole thing was a wonderful experience,” Therien said.

Dyar agreed that trying out was entertaining.

“Auditioning for the Spartan was pretty fun, not just because of the prospect of being a mascot. It was kinda fun to just go into a room and scream out a couple of cheers with a lot of energy. It was a blast,” he said.

It was kinda fun to just go into a room and scream out a couple of cheers with a lot of energy.”

— Zach Dyar

However, Dyar had some concerns about the selection system: “The process itself was a bit of a disappointment. There seems to be a bit of nepotism, as the co-presidents appear to be picking a candidate without really factoring in what the SAC reps who ran the auditions have to say about various candidates and their actual performances,” he said. 

In other words, Dyar believes that Ramirez and Schavee’s input was not considered as much as it should have been.

“I believe the Spartan they choose will be an excellent Spartan,” he said. “It is just a little bit of a bummer [that] the excitement of the actual audition doesn’t really seem to matter.”

Regardless, the Spartan has been chosen. Decided by SAC presidents seniors Henry Cheney and Henry Vlietstra, the Spartan this year will be senior Henrik Schleisman. Donned with Spartan gear and armed with a sword sheath—the actual sword was removed from the costume some years ago—prepare to see Schleisman hype up his audience next week in the parade of Homecoming assemblies to come.