Senior Speech Illustrations: Week 26

Iya Abdulkarim, The Rubicon Editor

Below are the illustrations of quotes from the senior speeches delivered on Friday, March 31.


“And if love like that can exist even in the most dire of circumstances, then maybe this world isn’t so bad after all,” senior Peter Schleisman said during his speech.


Iya Abdulkarim
“Because I was too short to see my dad’s face, I assumed I was rubbing his belly only to find out that I was rubbing another guy’s stomach for a solid minute,” senior Sal Ciresi said during his speech.


Iya Abdulkarim
“I know that being open-minded is crucial to being productive,” senior Emily Thissen said during her speech.


Iya Abdulkarim
“My awkwardness is an endless source of entertainment: perhaps not in the moment, but afterwards I can always laugh about it,” senior Elena Macomber said during her speech.