Netflix original series Making a Murderer remains one of the top shows on the Internet


Fair use image from: IMDb

MAKING A MURDERER follows Steven Avery, a man previously put in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, as he finds himself behind bars again.

Jonah Harrison, Contributing Writer

A few months after its premiere, the Netflix original series Making a Murderer manages to hold onto its spot as one of the top shows on the Internet. Released in Dec. 2015, this 10-episode documentary series blew up online and became a huge hit in the United States. The series starts by following the allegedly false conviction of Steven Avery, a middle-aged man from Wisconsin. According to the series, after being accused for rape, the police—knowing Avery was innocent—left him in jail for 18 years. From what viewers are told, the cops hate the Avery family, which makes it all the more likely that they wrongfully kept Avery in prison.

The filming flips back and forth between new interviews and archived footage from the time of the original crime. The production team does a beautiful job of making the show easy for viewers to understand, as well as compelling them to sit on the edges of their seats in shock. The story is narrated chronologically, so viewers can always understand what’s going on in each episode. With so many twists and turns, anyone is bound to fall in love with this show.