Money Monster conveys intense action


Money Monster, starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts is yet another film that brings intensive action to its viewers.

Ellie Findell, RubicOnline Editor

Money Monster is another film centered on the new fixation of hating Wall Street. Starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, this dramatic and well-acted film is Jodie Foster’s fourth take as a director and she goes for the burn. While you may not learn much about wall street and TV reporting, the film puts an emphasis on how little we know about the behind the scenes working of Wall Street. Clooney portrays the role of Lee Gates, a TV show cable host who works for a New York City financial network that temporarily focuses on a high tech stock company that mysteriously crashes due to supposed technological complications. After the company’s stock crashes, an angry investor takes Gates and his crew under hostage while live on television. Held at gun point, Lee Gates and his crew undertake a tricky situation and attempt to dismiss the investor, until they discover that the abrupt loss of stock may not just be have been due to technological complications. While Money Monster brings light to the corruption of Wall Street, it fails to delve into the root of our financial empire and what is truly going on. However, it begins the process of changing the finance system through easy to understand comical dialogue and intense action.