Modern music is better


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Aubrey “Drake” Graham is widely considered the greatest rapper of all time. He is one of the most widely known artists of modern music.

Orion Kim, The Rubicon

Junior Julia Colbert argues that modern music is better because it appeals to a larger audience. “I think that modern music is better because it can appeal to a larger group of people. Although classical music is more complex, it is harder to understand to truly enjoy. Messages can also be better conveyed with modern music as there are lyrics, which help the listener relate and connect to the song,” she said.
Although classical music might have more complex rhythms, harmonies, and melodies, it might not appeal to everyone. “Very few have the musical IQ to understand the complexity of classical music and to be able to have an emotional response to it. Lack of complexity does not necessarily mean a lack of emotion, as it can be argued that modern music’s “simplicity” makes it easier for listeners to have an emotional reaction to,” Colbert said.