Memorization is a crucial tool for learning

Julia Baron, The Rubicon Editor

Memorization is often frustrating and can seem like a waste of time, but it’s healthy for the brain and is an important type of learning. Memorization in school is often criticized as not actually learning. But, memorization is actually a crucial tool for learning new information. Engaging in different learning styles, including memorization, enables students to gain a deeper understanding of new information.   

Middle school learning specialist Jennie Sorenson said “memorization, would be considered one of the lower levels of learning” but she still considers it a kind of learning, that can be an important step in the learning process. She believes that it’s easier to remember, or memorize something, if you actually know what it means.

According to an article compiled by UC Denver, there are four main categories for memorizing information: organizing, actively moving the body, pulling it from memory, and recalling it. Organizing information includes selecting the most important pieces, associating the material with something familiar, and visualizing the information. This is a simple way to keep information fresh. Writing, reciting, and drawing the information count towards active ways to remember. Using the brain to memorize includes evenly spreading information, overlearn, and keeping a positive attitude. This is all about working with the brain and not against it. Lastly, recalling forgotten information involves thinking of something similar to the focus, noticing when it is remembered, and imagining it’s unforgettable. From these four techniques, memory is successful. These aren’t extremely strenuous or difficult, so there is no issue for a school to encourage them.

Every person learns differently and it’s important to note that, for some people, basic memorization tactics really help them understand the material. Even though pure memorization may not be best learning method, it is still a helpful way to learn and retain new material.